About Roz Webb

I have been teaching and supporting expectant and new parents for many years and offer both experience and empathy.

My qualifications:

  • Developmental Baby Massage and Movement teacher (I trained with internationally renowned teacher Peter Walker - International School of Developmental Baby Massage and Movement)
  • Baby massage apprenticeship with Lynn Murphy from the Active Birth Centre, London
  • 'Birth and Beyond' facilitator (NCT / University of Worcester)
  • 'Janet Balaskas Birth Workshop' teacher – see http://activebirthcentre.com/where-is-the-active-birth-centre/janet-balaskas-active-birth-workshopc-teachers/
  • Breastfeeding Counsellor (NCT / University of Worcester)
  • Close links with the Whittington and other local maternity units

    I am fully insured with Wellbeing Insurance and have been DBS checked.

    Please look at my facebook page for up to date information on classes.

What parents say about my classes:

“She is never forceful or aggressive but her advice and tips while at these classes are so helpful and for someone who might be having a hard time admitting they are having a hard time, it's a great way to reach out. Roz's baby massage classes always had an extra 30 minutes at the end to just sit, relax, and be present. During this time she'd offer us a biscuit and a cup of tea which, looking back, was often the highlight of my week in those early days. I would sit around with other new mothers and share stories of our weeks, feeling less alone in our situations, and have Roz there to bounce any questions, situations, or ideas off of. During those biscuit chats she was truly non-judgemental (one of the very few you meet who are) and always passed on informative facts and anecdotal stories to help us build our own confidence as mothers and fathers.”

“Roz genuinely cares. I was struggling in the beginning and without hesitation Roz came to meet me at my place. Shared some knowledge and encouraging words. I’ve attended her baby massage sessions and she remembers everything and every important detail about us.”

“As soon as he sees the massage cue, his face smiles and he stretches out his legs! Suffering from postnatal depression I found the one-to-one setting calming and supportive, helpful in furthering our bond.”

“Roz is a gentle and caring person and showed a genuine interest in us both.”

From a recent course:

“Roz has been a wonderful support and great teacher. I have learnt a lot about massage, movement and how to hold my baby. The course has increased my confidence with my baby and brought us closer together.”

“An immensely enjoyable and educational experience, allowing you to fully connect with your baby through massage and more…I enjoyed the strong interaction between myself and my baby.”

“The course really built my confidence in holding my baby”

“A great course for building your confidence as a new mother. My little boy loves being massaged.”

"We've really enjoyed our baby massage sessions and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my baby from the start of the sessions to the last one!"
"Roz is a gentle and caring person and showed a genuine interest in us both."