Baby Massage, Movement and More classes are a great first activity for you and your baby, suitable from 6 weeks to crawling

I do not teach a set routine; each class is about responding to your baby and giving you ideas to take home and try out. I will always demonstrate each baby massage stroke on a doll and explain why it is so helpful for your baby’s development whilst you massage your baby. I include songs and rhymes which are good fun for parents and babies.

You will also learn some great ways to hold your baby that are comfortable for both of you and then try some simple massage strokes. In the following sessions we take our babies’ clothes off (yes, even nappies!), build up the massage and try out some tummy time, too, which babies love. The length of class allows time for chat and time to get to know the other parents in the group.

Sometimes your baby might not be in the mood, or might want to stop for a feed. That’s completely fine – just do whatever your baby needs and try the massage at home later. Babies often have a really good sleep and a big poo afterthe Massage, Movement and More class! I provide blankets, drinks and biscuits. Please bring a towel and some massage oil. You can use grapeseed oil (my favourite and available from supermarkets), coconut oil, light olive or organic sunflower.

We always begin with relaxation for you, and end with a cuppa and a chat.

Baby yoga - from around 4 months

I add in some baby yoga for the older babies in the group. Once your baby is really enjoying relaxing into a massage and is feeling a bit more confident in the world and in their body, you can move on to baby yoga. We build up the excitement a bit more with some lively songs and physical movements, before settling down into a familiar and reassuring massage. A long sleep for your baby and a leisurely break for you is almost guaranteed after this class!

If you have twins (or more)

If you have twins you pay for just one. I'd love to massage one of your little ones, or you can bring a family member or friend to help you out.

Over time you will see your baby blossom as they become familiar with baby massage and start to look forward to it.
After all, babies respond powerfully to touch and movement - it is a wonderful way to get to know your baby.

Course information:

1:15min - 1:30min sessions at Elizabeth House Community Centre,
2 Hurlock Street, London N5 1ED

Elizabeth House details here:

  • Wednesdays 1.30pm for babies from around 6 weeks to crawling
  • Try your first session for just £10
  • £45 - £50 for 4 more sessions (although you can keep coming for as long as you want)
  • £15 per drop-in session
  • Concessions are always available – please just ask

For groups of 3-8 in a parent's home, 1 hour session:

  • 3-4 people £50 per group session
  • 5-8 people £60 per group session

1:1 sessions at your home:

Summary information:

Class structure -

groups, or 1:1

Session duration -

1h 15min - 1h 30min

Course length -

5-week courses recommended, or single sessions on request

Key benefits:

  • have fun with your baby - this is a lovely first class!
  • ease your baby’s tummy troubles or reflux
  • alleviate any birth trauma for your baby
  • improve your baby’s breathing
  • improve your baby’s flexibility to build up to sitting and standing
  • learn new ways of holding your baby that are comforting for them and comfortable for you
  • get to know your baby and learn to respond to their needs with increasing confidence
  • learn how you can support your baby physically and emotionally
  • try out tummy time which has many benefits for baby
  • talk to other parents about any worries
  • ease postnatal depression
  • learn songs and rhymes which your baby will love
  • relax – a happy and calm parent often makes for a happier and calmer baby!

If any of these connect with you then my classes are for you!

For any more information please call me on 07419 373 873 or email

You can also pay via my PayPal.Me account here

sleeping baby

"Dear Roz, I struggled hugely with my mental health for the first 3 months and you provided a safe space each week that made me feel better each time. Looking back, your classes are little glows in what was a very dark time, so thank you so much for that."